Creating an Enjoyable Morning Routine

As a goal this month I am trying to create an energizing morning routine that doesn't involve me hastily making a cup of coffee, plopping myself down on the couch, and getting right to work on my laptop all in the first five minutes of my day.  Just like we need time to wind down at night before bed, we also need that time in the morning to wake up our body and mind.  So, instead of setting the alarm for the latest possible moment to allow just enough time to jump in the shower, grab a cup of coffee, and run out the door, wakeup a little early to start the day off in a calm and refreshing way.  To help make your routine more enjoyable here are my picks to put a smile on your face every morning.

Creating an Enjoyable Morning Routine by Retro Menagerie

Make getting out of your cozy warm bed into the cold morning air a little easier with a pair of soft slippers.  Then pour yourself a cup of coffee in a cute mug, and enjoy as you wake up your mind with a good book.  

Ugg slippers from Zappos // Hidden Animal Mugs from Uncommon Goods // Bossypants by Tina Fey on iTunes

Creating an Enjoyable Morning Routine by Retro Menagerie

Buy yourself an outfit that will make you look forward to getting up and moving each morning, light a great smelling candle to help you relax, and invest in quality gear that will make your workout more comfortable.

Dip Dye T-Shirt from Aerie // Sweet Olive Blossom Candle from Anthropologie // Yoga Mat from Lululemon

Creating an Enjoyable Morning Routine by Retro Menagerie

Buy nice flatware, colorful dishes, a fun tea pot, anything that will make you want to actually sit down and enjoy the most important meal of the day.

Flatware Set from CB2 // Printed Bowls from West Elm // Owl Teapot from Mod Cloth

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