Terrarium Roundup


Humans are biophilic creatures by nature, which basically means we love all life.  So, bringing living things into our environments automatically boost our mood and increase the quality of our indoor environment.  Create a happy home by bringing the outdoors into your space with one of these glass terrariums.

1. Terrarium Floor Lamp from Autumn Workshop
2. Xtra Terrarium from Branch
3. Open-Face Terrarium from West Elm
4. Limeade Urchin Hanging Terrarium from Hammers and Heels
5. Teardrop Hanging Terrarium from Viva Terra
6. Small Quartz Terrarium from Score+Solder
7. Kiwi Terrarium from Botany Factory
8. Mosser Terrarium from The Mosser Store
9. Beach Vessel Terrarium from Tiny Terrains