2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift GuideWhether it is of my own accord or from the not-so-subtle nudging from the retail world, right about now is the time I start to think of gift ideas for the holidays.  So, I thought I would share a few thoughtful gift pairings for a myriad of people on your list featuring some of my own products, as well as products from my favorite shops around the web.

PS: That Van Gogh Coloring Book is awesome and needs to find its way into my stocking!

The Entertainer: Bubbles Cocktail Napkin Set + Wood and Marble Cheese Board

The Baker: Tunnel Tea Towel + Citrus Floral Recipe Box

The Decorator: Wyatt Jr. Wood Planter + Tangled Pillow Cover

The Art Lover: Leaves Art Print and Criss Cross Art Print + Van Gogh Coloring Book

The Planner: 2016 Patterned Wall Calendar + Black Notes Journal

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