4 Awesome Apps To Help You Stay Healthy

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4 Apps To Help You Stay Healthy

I use these apps on a daily basis, and I really do think they have made me a healthier person by doing so.  So I thought I would share my four favorite health related apps for the iPhone with you in case they can help you in any way!

Yoga Studio:  This app is amazing for at home yoga practice.  It's way better than popping in a DVD and having the glow of our TV distract me.  I just turn it on and place it in front of my mat.  It's really easy to follow along with the voice guided session, and if I'm unsure about how to do a pose I can glance at my screen.  It has a variety of classes with different levels, focuses, and durations, and you can even create your own custom class.

Lose It!:  I've used this app to lose a few pounds in the past and it was really helpful to keep track of my calorie intake and calorie burn.  Now I just use it to keep myself accountable for making healthy choices, make sure I'm not going overboard with the calories without realizing it, and keep track of my workouts.  It keeps track of the foods, and even the entire meals you eat most often, and you can scan the barcodes of packaging to get all of the nutritional info instantly.

Waterlogged:  I've been using this app for the past few weeks and I've never be so hydrated for so long in my entire life.  With only a few taps of my thumb I can record when I finish a glass, and it keeps me on track with mini goals in increments of 8 oz throughout the day.  When you have hit your daily goal it tells you to inform someone around you that you are successful, which means I get to annoy Drew every night by telling him "I am successful" in my robot voice.  Score!

Map My Hike: This app is perfect for keeping track of hikes, or even just walks with the dog around the neighborhood.  It keeps track of distance, time, steps, calories burned, elevation gain, and also maps out your route for you.  You can even search other users' routes nearby.  It also allows you to pause and resume your workout if you stop to take a break or eat lunch.

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