6 Design Guides To Help You Decorate Your Home

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Design Guides To Decorate Your HomeIf you are in the process of decorating, re-decorating, or just getting some ideas, these 6 posts are crazy useful for helping you create a stylish home you love.  From pattern and color, to styling and furniture layouts there is a guide here to help with many of your decorating needs.

How To Style A Sofa1. How To Style A Sofa

Learn how to style a sofa like a pro, and bring texture and depth to your space.

How To Mix Pattern2. How To Mix Pattern

In this guide learn how to mix different patterns in a cohesive way to bring interest to your space.

The Complete Guide To Color3. The Complete Guide To Color

In The Complete Guide To Color learn how to create a cohesive color palette, how to use color to alter the feel of a space, and how different colors effect our mood.

How To Light A Room4. How To Light A Room

Learn how to add a designer feel to your space by using lighting to your advantage.

Furniture Layout Dimensions To Remember5. Furniture Layout Dimensions To Remember

A well planned furniture arrangement can make all the difference in your space.  Find out what important dimensions you should remember to create a comfortable flow throughout your home.

How To Decorate in 7 Easy Steps6. How To Decorate Your Space In 7 Easy Steps

This guide lays out all the steps, from inspiration to installation, to create a home you love.  As a bonus it includes a free worksheet to keep you on track!


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