6 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Rental


How To Add Warmth To A RentalThroughout my adult life I have lived in a variety of apartments, from a dated one bedroom full of 1970's brown, to a charming San Francisco studio complete with high ceilings and a light filled bay window.  Our current apartment is of the suburban cookie-cutter variety, but no matter what my various apartments have had to offer I have done my best to make them feel like home.  If you want turn your apartment into a cozy and inviting space, keep reading for 6 easy ways to add warmth to your rental.

How To Add Warmth To A RentalLighting

The basic overhead lights that accompany most rental apartments are harsh and unflattering.  Instead use floor and table lamps for a softer glow.  Learn more about lighting your space in my guide, The Art of Lighting: How To Light A Room.


Unless you’ve got some great moulding going on, bare windows look unfinished.  Frame your windows with curtain panels to add depth and give a little bit of privacy.


This has been my first apartment to have wood floors, but even if you have beige rental carpet lay down a rug to add another layer of interest and define the space.

Personal Items

You want your home to reflect your personality so fill the space with items you’ve collected throughout your life or gathered on your travels.


Warm, cozy homes are full of texture so add textiles, baskets, wood accents, ceramics, books, anything textural to boost dimension and create a more dynamic space.


Life always brings warmth to a space so go crazy with the plants, just make sure to choose ones that will thrive in low light.

6 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Rental

June 25, 2015

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