Honey Lemon Balm Water

Honey Lemon Balm WaterRecently I decided to start growing a few herbs on our patio so I headed over to Home Depot to pick some up.  While I was there I came across Lemon Balm which smelled so amazing that I had to take a plant home with me.  I had never heard anything about Lemon Balm before so I did some research and discovered that it contains chemicals that have a sedative, calming effect, and is even used to ease an upset stomach, or as a mild pain reliever.  You can use Lemon Balm in many ways, but I decided to start with something simple by using the herb in a relaxing herbal water that is super refreshing on a hot day.  

1 handful of Lemon Balm Leaves, washed
1 tsp Honey
1 Lemon

Muddle the leaves and honey in the bottom of a glass.  Add a few cubes of ice, fill the glass with water and squeeze in a little lemon juice.  Stir and enjoy!

Honey Lemon Balm WaterHoney Lemon Balm Water
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