November 24, 2015

How To Add Color To A Neutral Kitchen


A kitchen can sometimes be a space where you don’t have a whole lot of design freedom, especially if you rent.  And even if you do own your own home it can be a big step to choose colorful finishes for such expensive and long-term investments like counters, cabinets, or tile.  Even if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on sage green cabinets there are still many ways you can bring color into your neutral kitchen with very little commitment.

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenWall Art

Art prints are inexpensive and easily interchangeable if you feel like switching up your decor. (The Design Files)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenBooks

Showcase your cookbook collection for a colorful and functional display. (The Every Girl)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenRugs

Rugs will make your feet happy, add warmth, and make a statement. (Domino)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenPaint

Painting a single wall in the kitchen is less expensive and less of a commitment than painting the whole space, yet it still brings a great dose of color. (Dwell)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenFruits + Vegetables

Display your favorite colorful fruits and vegetables in a stylish bowl for a simple color addition. (C Home)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenKitchen Linens

Draped over your oven handle or hanging from a hook, tea towels are an easy way to bring color to your space. (Sarah Sherman Samuel)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenFurniture

Whether it's barstools, a kitchen cart, or a step stool, add a simple coat of paint for a pop of color. (The Design Files)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenSmall Appliances

I consider this one a small commitment because I tend to keep my appliances for a long time but if you know you'll love that pink blender for years to come display it to add color to your counters. (L'appartement Living)

How To Add Color To A Neutral KitchenPlants + Herbs + Flowers

Add some color and bring the outdoors in with a fresh vase of flowers or some potted herbs. (The Every Girl)

How To Add Color To A Neutral Kitchen


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