How to Fit a Home Office in a Small Space

Being a person who works from home, I've been forced to tap into my problem-solving skills to incorporate a permanent workspace into my tiny apartment. Over the years I have pored over small workspace inspiration and have discovered a few space-saving solutions. From choosing smart furniture pieces to utilizing an underused space in your home, these options will bring your home office dreams into reality. If you are on the hunt for a creative answer to your small space problems, give one of these clever solutions a try.

Secretary Desk

Secretary Desk or Cabinet

Secretary desks or cabinets are ideal for carving out a dedicated workspace in a small home. They provide ample storage and allow you to switch gears at the end of the day by shutting work-related items out of site. When I made the switch from a laptop to a desktop, I needed a way to hide my computer after work hours. I ultimately developed a hack for the IKEA IVAR Cabinet to suit my needs. It has been the perfect solution to my lack of a dedicated home office. (Image via Marili Forastieri)

Wall Mounted Secretary Desk

Wall-Mounted Secretary Desk

A wall mounted secretary desk doesn't provide as much storage as the traditional version, but they take up less visual space by freeing up the floor beneath them—and they offer the same ability to close up shop at the end of the day. (Image via Architectural Digest)

Closet Workspace


I have yet to meet a person living in a small space with an unused closet, but this option can work well if you are able to rearrange or get rid of a few belongings. I also love how this option lets you close the door and hide your workspace. Can you tell I’m all about that work-life balance? (Image via Hej Doll)

Nook Workspace 

Empty Nook

Older homes and apartments often come with a few unusual features like a nook that you think is only suitable for a plant. But these unique architectural details are the perfect place to mount a deep ledge for writing or working on your laptop. When it is time to get to work tuck a small stool underneath or bring over a chair from another area of your house. (Image via Main Lifestyle)

Lift Up Storage Coffee Table

Lift-Up Coffee Table

I have long been a fan of the West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table. It is a great space-saver and offers tons of storage. This option is perfect if you like working on your laptop from the couch but are craving a little more structure. (Image via West Elm)

Kitchen Table with Storage

Kitchen Table With Storage

A kitchen table with added storage is excellent for working on your laptop and allows you extra room to spread out. At the end of the day tuck away your work supplies and transform it back into a dining table. (Image via CB2)



If you truly have no extra room for a workspace—a C-shaped table should be your go-to. When not in use, slide the table over the arm of your sofa to hold a drink or book, then move it over your lap when you are ready to work. (Image via Sinnen Rausch)

For even more small workspace inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here.

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How to fit a Home Office in a Small Space

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