How To Layer Rugs

Layered Rugs

Image by Tessa Neustadt via Domino

A single area rug is the perfect piece to ground your furniture and bring warmth, texture, and character to a space, but doubling up has its advantages to.  Layering rugs solves several design dilemmas while also making a greater impact.  Keep reading for six ways to layer rugs and take your space to the next level.

Unify + Define

If you have a large open floor plan yet want to define specific areas of your space use a room-sized rug in a neutral hue to tie the entire room together while grounding separate furniture groupings with smaller area rugs. 

Layered RugsImage via Studio McGee

Add Structure

Layering an oddly shaped rug (like the cowhide above) on a rectangular piece will add structure to the curved edges helping to anchor the furniture around it.

Layered RugsImage via Camille Styles

infuse Style On A Budget

If you fall in love with a rug but the size you need is out of your price range choose the largest size you can afford while layering it on an inexpensive flat weave rug in the correct size.

Layered RugsImage via Design Sponge

Fake It Out

If you fall in love with a vintage rug that is too small, or can't find the perfect size for your space, layer the too small rug on a larger rug that fits the room to ground the furniture grouping and frame the smaller piece.

Layered RugsImage by Patrick Cline via Lonny

Pump Up The Texture

I am in LOVE with this look.  To add tons of softness and warmth to a space without the rugs becoming the focal point of the room layer solid, textural rugs in the same hue.  

Layered RugsImage via Amber Interiors

Make A Statement

In a space mainly decorated with solids try overlapping several boldly patterned area rugs to create a modern eclectic vibe and bring warmth and character to the room. 

How To Layer Rugs

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