How To Read Your Favorite Design Magazines For Free

Free Design MagazinesIf you frequent your local library often then you are probably already aware of all the great (and FREE) perks they have to offer.  But, if you haven't stepped foot inside a library in recent years I highly suggest you check yours out.  From museum passes to online language learning programs and business classes, there are so many great, free services they offer.  

My husband (who just happens to work at a library) recently told me about an online magazine database, Zinio, that library card holders can access for free.  I checked it out without really expecting that great of a selection but I was seriously surprised with the titles they offered.  Different libraries will have different selections, but Marin County libraries has over 500 magazine titles in their collection, including current and past issues!  A few titles I was excited to see were Architectural Digest, Dwell, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Inside Out, and the fact that they are all digital means you can take them with you wherever you go and read them on your tablet, phone, or computer.  Check out your local library's website to see if this free service is available in your area!

P.S. Even if your library doesn't have Zinio, they most likely have a wide variety of magazines you can checkout in person.

How To Read Your Favorite Design Magazines For Free

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