How To Style A Sofa

How To Style A SofaStyling a sofa can tend to be a little daunting with all of the pillow and throw choices out there, and knowing how to put it all together.  So, I've come up with a few tips to help make styling your sofa a little easier.

Create Balance

When styling your sofa, or anything for that matter, it needs to feel balanced.  This doesn't mean you need to have symmetry, it just means all of the visual weight shouldn't be on one side of the sofa.   

Add Variety

I am not a huge fan of matching pillows flanking the sofa.  Choose pillows of different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and texture to create a more laid-back and interesting styling.      

Layer It On

Adding layers to your sofa helps give it depth and add interest.  Having just one pillow on either side of your sofa is going to leave it feeling flat, so layer a couple pillows, or a pillow and a throw.

Leave Some Breathing Room

The amount of pillows on your sofa is really a matter of preference, and the size of your sofa.  A loveseat or small sofa should have fewer pillows, while a longer sofa or sectional can handle more.  The minimalist side of me does not like cover my entire sofa with pillows.  Sofas styled like this are kind of exhausting to look at and I never know where to sit.  Leaving space in-between groupings gives your eyes a little space to rest, and you don't have to remove pillows to comfortably sit down.

Mix It Up

An easy rule of thumb for me when choosing pillows and throws is to make sure to have something solid, something patterned, and something textured.  This will help add interest and variety to your styling.  Although, don't feel like you have to include color and pattern. I REALLY love sofas styled in a neutral color palette with tons of texture.  A few tips if you do love pattern: 1) Vary the pattern sizes, mix small patterns with larger ones to make sure they stay balanced. 2) Vary the pattern types, if you already have a floral pattern try pairing it with something more geometric.  3) Keep the color palettes similar to make different patterns more cohesive.  

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There you go, a few tips to hopefully help make styling your sofa a little easier.  Do you have any great tips on choosing accessories for your sofa? 

How To Style A Sofa


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