My Favorite Tools For Surface Pattern Design

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Tools For Surface Pattern DesignDepending on my mood or the type of feel I want for a piece there are a few different mediums I like to use when creating patterns for my art prints, pillow covers, and linens. To see how designs get their start here's a peek behind the scenes at my favorite tools for surface pattern design.


Markers are something I only really got into recently.  In art school we briefly went over rendering floor plans in marker, but watercolor was my go-to so I never practiced much with this medium.  Now I love them for creating my signature simple, bold patterns.  I use various sizes of Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens, and Canson Marker Paper.

Tools For Surface Pattern Design

Wacom Tablet

When I want to quickly get a design out of my head and skip the fuss of scanning and digitizing my drawings I'll go straight to my Wacom Tablet and Adobe Illustrator.  I've been using this tablet as well as an older version for several years, but it did take some getting used to for me.  I also love using it for hand lettering.  I use the Wacom Intuos.

Tools For Surface Pattern Design


I was introduced to Gouache my first year of art school and fell in love with its smooth consistency and bold opaque quality.  Gouache is a part of the watercolor family, and is created by mixing the paint with a little bit of water until it is the consistency of melted ice cream.  I use Strathmore Bristol Paper, Windsor & Newton Gouache, and Pure Red Sable Brushes.

So, those are my favorite mediums for creating the designs you see in my shop!      

My Favorite Tools For Surface Pattern Design

October 01, 2015
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