Texturize Your Space

Texturize Your SpaceAlthough a bold print and vivid pop of color can make a beautiful statement in a space, subtlety can be just as effective.  I love the warmth and depth you can achieve by using a neutral color palette combined with a mix of textures.  The warm canvas a palette of whites and tans creates is the perfect backdrop to layer on the texture and play with different materials.  Take a look at some of my favorite textural elements from around the web to enhance the feel of your space.

1. Porto Hand-Thrown Vase // 2. Woven Plant Holder // 3. Basal Curtain // 4. Twist Bench // 5. Organic Seersucker Duvet Cover // 6. Urchin Antique Gold Object // 7. Hob Nail Pillow


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