Through My Lens: Point Reyes Lighthouse

Point Reyes LighthouseMy birthday landed on Labor Day this year but Drew and I didn't plan anything special because we were getting ready to leave for Maui later that week, so we took a spontaneous trip out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse for the day.

We weren't able to actually go inside the lighthouse (they closed early for the holiday), but the small schoolhouse was open and the view was amazing nevertheless.  On the way home we stopped in Point Reyes Station, which we always drive through when we go hiking, but have never actually explored.  It is such a cute little town, I definitely recommend stopping there if you are ever heading out to Point Reyes, and their book store, Point Reyes Books, has a GREAT selection of art and design books!  A little tip, you have to climb down 300 stairs to get to the lighthouse, and then back up those 300 stairs to get back to your car so wear good walking shoes.  You can learn more about the Point Reyes Lighthouse here.

Point Reyes LighthousePoint Reyes LighthousePoint Reyes Lighthouse

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