Tips For Decorating A Small Rental Bathroom

Modern Shower With White Penny Tile and Concrete Floor - Image via Domino

Image via Domino

I've been dealing with small rental bathrooms my entire adult life.  Although their lackluster finishes and minimal storage space leave something to be desired, there are ways you can inject your own personal style by getting creative with decor.  Keep reading for a few tips on making the most your small rental bathroom.

Add Greenery

Plants can make a huge difference in a sterile environment like a bathroom.  Their bright color and interesting texture will lift the mood of any small space. Better yet, keep your precious counter space free of clutter and hang plants from the ceiling.

Modern Hanging Planters - Jaymee Srp

Cove Large Hanging Planter from CB2 / BITTERGURKA Hanging Planter from IKEA / Assembly Home Eos Hanging Planter from Urban Outfitters

Modern Bathroom Shelving - Image via Huiszwaluw

Image via Huiszwaluw

Embrace Open Shelving

Over the toilet and above towel racks are great places to add extra storage.  I love the idea of adding hooks to bottom of shelves to hang small items.

Modern Bathroom Shelving - Jaymee Srp

Cove Marble Shelf from CB2 / Triangle Shelf from Urban Outfitters / Mid-Century Shelf from West Elm

Simple Bathroom Sink Styling - Image via My Scandinavian Home

Image via My Scandinavian Home

Put Necessities On Display

Show off items with great packaging, or buy a few amber bottles and repackage those that aren't your aesthetic.  This goes for towels and toilet paper too.  A stack of uniformly folded fluffy white towels stacked on a shelf adds great texture and remedies your lack of a linen closet. 

Modern Bathroom Accessories - Jaymee Srp

Round Glass Bottle from Specialty Bottle / Luxury Bath Towels from Target / Hand Cream from Need Supply Co.

Small Organic Modern Bathroom - Image via My Domaine

Image by Tessa Neustadt via My Domaine

Play With Texture

This is probably going to make the biggest difference in your bathroom.  Stay away from smooth white accessories.  They will be too reminiscent of your toilet, sink, or bathtub, and won't add enough contrast.  When you choose pieces to add to your bathroom bring in finishes like recycled glass, wood, slate, marble, chunky weaves, brass, anything but white lacquer.

Organic Modern Bathroom Accessories - Jaymee Srp

Teak Bath Accessories from CB2 / Oil Can Soap Dispenser from Target / Jute Storage Basket from H&M

Simple Artwork in Bathroom - Image via Monika Hibbs

Image via Monika Hibbs

Hang Artwork

A simple print can go a long way in personalizing a space.  Since small apartment bathrooms often don't have windows, choose pieces that conjure up feelings of open space and the outdoors.

Modern Artwork For Bathroom - Jaymee Srp

A-Frame Art Print / Crescent Art Print / Windows Art Print

Tips For Decorating A Small Rental Bathroom

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  • I like the idea of adding extra storage above the toilet with a simple shelf with hooks. I just moved into a new home and one of the bathrooms is pretty small, but I still want to make the most out of the decorations. These are some great tips to keep in mind while I look for the right pieces to really pull everything together.

    cameron bennett on
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