pink minimalist abstract art print with white frame
pink minimalist abstract art print with black frame
pink minimalist abstract art print with natural wood frame
framed pink minimalist abstract art print on white wall


Paper Bright white, heavy weight art paper with a smooth matte finish
Process Inkjet print
origin Printed and framed in the USA

Vista Art Print


Inspired by the rolling hills of Marin County, this digital mixed media collage features simple overlapping layers, soft textures, and a muted palette.

Whether you are decorating your home for the first time, or giving new life to your space, this artwork will bring a fresh perspective to your walls.

Choose from a variety of sizing and custom framing options to fit your unique style.

I love to approach each design like a puzzle. Reducing a subject to its simplest form, then playing with different colors, textures, and compositions until I find that perfect balance. Each piece incorporates a mix of hand painted and digital elements, creating an organic modern style that I feel is so indicative of life in California.