10 Unique Ways to Display Photos


I love displaying personal photos around my home to add personality and warmth, but the go-to mat and frame technique can sometimes get redundant.  Here are 10 unique ways to display photos that are super simple and will definitely allow your photographs to shine.

Unique Way To Display PhotosHang photos from a rustic branch like in this DIY Photo Wall Hanging by Kelli Murray.

Unique Way To Display PhotosGlue clips to strips of wood to easily interchange your photos throughout the year. (image via Design Sponge)

Unique Way To Display PhotosShow off prints in this simple wood block from Artifact Uprising.

Unique Way To Display PhotosClip photos to a piece of grated wire for a casual display. (image via Stil Inspiration)

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Unique Way To Display PhotosTack photos directly to the wall and frame with washi tape designs. (image via Papermash)

Unique Way To Display PhotosCreate a tapestry by having your photograph printed on fabric from Spoonflower. (image via Urban Outfitters)

Unique Way To Display PhotosHave an engineer print made of one of your photographs and simply hang it from a dowel like in this DIY from Almost Makes Perfect.

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Unique Way To Display PhotosMount an engineer print to a piece of plywood leaving a border to frame your work.  (image via The Merry Thought)

Unique Way To Display PhotosHave your photo printed on wallpaper through Spoonflower, or overlap engineer prints like in this DIY from Wit and Whistle. (image by Inside Out via Poppytalk)

Unique Way To Display PhotosSimply leave a stack of photos on your coffee table for guests to peek at.  (image via Artifact Uprising)

10 Unique Ways To Display Photos

November 03, 2015

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