12 Modern DIY Shelf Ideas

I'm kind of already a compulsive organizer but since January rolled around my need to have a place for everything has been kicked into overdrive.  I have a running list of things that aren't working in our home and have been racking my brain with ideas to make our apartment an ultra organized, well oiled machine.  Wall shelves are a great way to get organized because they don't take up a ton of visual (or actual) space, they can basically be hung anywhere you have a stud, even the ceiling, which makes them super versatile, and you can intermix storage with accessories making shelves a great option for wall decor.  If your in the market to squeeze a little extra storage out of your walls here are several awesome, modern shelving projects I've come across.

DIY ShelfThis simple DIY Towel Rack Shelf does double duty with a sleek shelf on top and modern towel rack of the bottom.  Its minimalist design, light wood, and copper accents give it a Scandinavian feel that I love.

DIY ShelfPerfect for displaying your succulent collection, books, or a stack of hats, this DIY Hanging Shelf can be attached to the ceiling taking up very little space. 

DIY ShelfThese DIY Wooden Triangle Shelves don't hold a ton but they have a lot to offer in way of design.  They are perfect on their own as wall art, or use them as away to display one of your mini collections.

DIY ShelfThe way these DIY Floating Corner Shelves are painted the same color as the walls really allows them to let the decor shine.  Decorate them with art prints, books, and plants, intermixed with a few small storage boxes for a stylish organized display.

DIY ShelfI've always loved ladder shelves and this project takes it to a whole new level with sleek lines and a modern design.  A great way to display your shoe (or hat, purse, camera...)  collection, I also think this would look perfect in a kitchen filled with canisters and mixing bowls.

DIY ShelfThis Rope Shelf is so easy and brings some awesome texture to your walls, yet its minimal design doesn't take away from the decor.

DIY ShelfThese Hanging Rope Shelves are a piece of art all on their own and look great decorated with some gorgeous plants to enhance the natural feel of the raw wood and rope.

DIY ShelfThe unique shape of these Honeycomb Shelves adds interest to your walls and allows you to add a subtle pop of color.

DIY ShelfI am obsessed with the amount of plants covering these Anthro Inspired Copper Shelves, but they would for sure be dead in a few months if they belonged to me. 

DIY ShelfI love the idea of countersinking  the pots into this sleek, minimalist shelf.

DIY ShelfThere is great contrast between the round frame and the straight lines of the shelf and rope in this simple circle shelf.

DIY ShelfA mini version of the ladder shelf, I think this modern piece would be perfect as entryway storage.

12 Modern DIY Shelf Ideas

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