Our Cozy Modern Living Room

Cozy Modern Living RoomAfter taking down our Christmas decorations (in the third week of January, oops) and getting our place back in order, I was filled with a rekindled love of our living room.  So I thought I'd take a few snapshots of our refreshed space and share with you my favorite parts of our cozy modern living room.

Cozy Modern Living RoomBesides all of our succulents from our wedding (which are amazingly still going strong two years later), this is the longest living plant in our home.  Plants that don't need a whole lot of water do great in my care but the thirsty ones don't last long, and I have a brown crunchy fern reminding of that fact right now.  I love these brown terracotta pots from IKEA because they bring an organic yet modern feel, and go great with all different styles of decor.

Bare Bulb Pendant LightThis crazy simple DIY pendant light that Drew and I put together has gotten so much use because of the soft warm glow that it gives off.    The bracket is from IKEA and the cord set and bulb are from West Elm.

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Cozy Modern Living Room Cozy Modern Living Room

This simple white bookcase was a Target find and is the perfect size for our narrow makeshift entryway.  I love having books on display (and not just the pretty ones) because I think they say a lot about a person, and I always love to see what other people have on their bookshelves.  This bookcase is filled with a variety of books including tons of art and design books (some from college, some just for inspiration), sci-fi and horror novels (basically the only two genres Drew and I read, #nerds), a few cookbooks, and a few autobiographies (Bossypants, #Girlboss, and Yes Please to name a few).  I've tried to purge some of our books several times but I can never go trough with getting rid of more than a couple, so the ones that don't fit in this bookcase are stored all over our apartment in closets, under our bed, in our TV stand, and I have a feeling the collection will just continue to grown and follow us around to each of our future homes.  Packrat problems. 

Cozy Modern Living Room

We originally bought these three black square frames a few years ago when we lived in Midtown Sacramento, and filled them with photos we took of our neighborhood.  Just this week we finally decided to switch out our beloved Midtown photos and embrace our Bay Area home with shots from some of our hikes in Point Reyes.  I love filling our home with personal photographs, and the majority of our artwork was photographed or made by us.  Side note: The top frame strategically covers the ugly door to our fusebox.

Cozy Modern Living RoomThis ceramic owl was an inexpensive find at Ross but it was something Drew and I picked out together when we moved into our first apartment, which is what I love about it.  The wood pear bowl that holds our keys was another inexpensive find at Goodwill, and I love its quirky shape and great wood texture.

Cozy Modern Living RoomIts hard to look around our apartment and point out something that doesn't have a little story behind it.  I'm just realizing that the majority of the items on our coffee table have to do with our marriage. Drew and I bought these Hawaii playing cards the first time we went to Hawaii together right before we got engaged, I purchased The Flower Recipe Book as inspiration for our DIY bouquets at our wedding, the succulent is from one of the table settings at our wedding, and the slate coasters just out of frame were a gift I bought for Drew to cheer him up after a day full of especially stressful wedding planning. 

Cozy Modern Living Room
Cozy Modern Living Room

Cozy Modern Living RoomA few things that are always on my sofa:  Textural pillows, a cozy throw, and this cute pup.

Cozy Modern Living RoomIn the past I've gotten bored with our furniture arrangement and have tried to rearrange but I always end up coming back to this.  I like the way having the sofa off the wall divides up the space and actually makes the room feel bigger.

Cozy Modern Living RoomThis wooden chair has been with me since I was in high school when my mom found it, and I refinished it.

Cozy Modern Living RoomOur versatile Billy Bookcase from IKEA stores a few cameras from my collection that have been found or given to me over the years.

Cozy Modern Living RoomThis hairpin leg coffee table that I made a couple years ago still looks great, and is definitely one of my favorite DIYs and pieces of furniture in our home.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my living room!  What are some of your favorite pieces in your home?

Our Cozy Modern Living Room

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