20 Easy Ways To Improve Happiness At Home

20 Easy Ways To Improve Happiness At Home

There are so many small changes you can make in your home make it a happier place, and today I am sharing several of my favorites.  Keep reading for 20 easy ways to improve your happiness at home.

1. Wash Your Windows

Take off your screens if you have them and clean your windows both inside and out.  It will let in so much more light, make the space feel cleaner, and enhance the view outside.  Drew did this to our windows a couple weeks ago an I was amazed with the difference it made!

2. Add an Air-Purifying Plant

Add one of these low maintenance, air-purifying plants to your space to eliminate harmful toxins and improve your home's air quality.

3. Wipe Down Your Doors and Cabinets

White doors and cabinets can get really grungy looking where your hands touch them the most, but they look brand new once they get a good wipe down.

4. Light A Mood Boosting Candle

Light a candle with a mix of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils to relax and uplift you.  Every time I light this candle I can feel my heart rate drop.

5. Upgrade To Better Quality Pillows

Drew and I recently upgraded to nice down pillows made especially for us side sleepers and our sleep quality is SO much better.

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6. Find The Perfect Layout For Each Room

The way you arranged your furniture when you first moved into your home might not be the best layout for the room.  If you have a space that needs a pick-me-up, or has always felt a little off, spend a Saturday rearranging until you find that sweet spot.

7. Make Your Bed Everyday

You've definitely heard this one before, but it's something I think makes a big difference.  I never use to make our bed everyday, but now that I do it makes our bedroom feel much more relaxing, and it is much more enjoyable to get into a neatly made bed at night.

8. Brighten Dark Corners

If there is a part of your home that your current lighting situation just doesn't reach, fix it!  Good lighting in a space makes a huge difference.  A really easy, inexpensive way to add light to dark corner, that doesn't take up too much space is to hang a cord set and Edison bulb from a simple shelf bracket, like we did in our entryway here.

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9. Display Personal Photographs

It is so nice to be reminded of fond memories and people you love by placing personal photographs throughout your home.  There is a small wall in our "hallway" (I use that term loosely because it is barely 2' long) that Drew and I filled with photos from different hikes we have been on together, and it is one of my absolute favorite spots in our apartment.

10. Make Frequently Used Items Easy To Access

I get really annoyed when I have trouble reaching something I need in our kitchen.  Making those commonly used items easy to get to will make life more efficient.

11. Take Off Your Shoes At The Door

Keep your floors cleaner, longer, and stop tracking in dirt and germs from outside by removing your shoes at the door.

12. Flip Your Sofa Cushions

Flip the seat cushions and back cushions, and switch the right with the left from time to time to give your sofa an instant refresh, and make sure it wears evenly.

13. Clean Up Before Bed

I LOVE when I wake up to a nice clean apartment so I have to remind myself at night when I am nestled so cozily on my sofa how happy I will be in the morning if I just clean up a little now.

14. Add Window Treatments

I think window treatments make one of the biggest impacts on a space.  They add so much texture, character, and warmth to a room and they don't have to be crazy expensive. IKEA has great quality window panels, in my opinion, and they will run you about $30 for a pair.  Hang them from one of their curtain rods at around $9 and you've made a huge impact on your space for less than fifty bucks.

15. Open The blinds

Nothing adds more cheer to a space than natural light streaming in through the windows.

16. Decorate For Yourself

Who spends the most time at your house?  You!  So your opinion should really be the only one that matters when decorating your home.  If you absolutely love something that you think other people might find hideous, who cares.  Fill your home with things that bring you joy. 

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17.  Fix What's Bothering You

Instead of constantly being annoyed by that squeaky door or wobbly table, fix it!

18. Listen To Music

Put on some tunes while you are relaxing, cooking, cleaning, working, whatever.       

19. Add Artwork

Artwork is so meaningful and is such a personal choice in a home.  Every piece of artwork in our home was carefully chosen by both me and Drew, together, which is really important to me, and brings me so much happiness when I look at our walls.  Take the time to choose artwork that speaks to you and fill your walls with those special pieces.  And that isn't saying the artwork has to be expensive!

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20. Get Organized

Being able to find exactly what you want right when you need it reduces so much stress and makes your day run much more smoothly.  I also feel like cleaning out a messy drawer or bathroom cabinet is somewhat freeing.  

So there are my 20 tips on creating a happier home.  Do you have any of your own tips?  Add them in the comments!

20 Easy Ways To Improve Happiness At Home

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