5 Pieces For A Relaxed Bed

5 Pieces For A Relaxed BedThere is something so luxurious about a crisp bed with a mountain of pillows, but when it comes to creating a welcoming oasis that invites me to cuddle up with a good book, I’m all about casual comfort and easy maintenance.  A quick shake of the comforter, a fluff of a few pillows, a toss of a throw and I’m done.  If you love that relaxed, lived-in look keep reading for the 5 simple pieces you need to create a low-key, low-maintenance bed.

Relaxed Bed1. Sheets

For a casual bed that is a cinch to make in the morning lose the flat sheet, and stick with a fitted sheet and matching pillow covers.  Cotton’s softness and breathability is a great choice for sheets.  For a little more texture try linen which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and gets softer with every wash.  Solid sheets are simple, timeless, and add to the relaxed feel of the bed, just choose a color that will complement your duvet cover.  You don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money to get great quality sheets.  Honesty, my sheets were under $30 from IKEA and I love them.  The plus side of inexpensive sheets is you can buy a couple sets so you have a spare when one set is in the wash.  

3. Comforter

A plain white down, or down alternative comforter is all you need here.  My my comforter is also from IKEA (they seriously have great bedding) and it was maybe $50.  You can choose a comforter that is “cooler” or “warmer” if you get hot or cold at night.  

3. Duvet Cover

If you want that easygoing look go for a textural fabric like linen or a cotton cover with added texture like pintucks.  The perk of using a duvet cover is you don’t have to wash your comforter as often, just the cover.  And it is easy to switch out if you want a new look.

4. Pillows

For your sleeping pillows choose one that is made for the way you sleep (side, back, stomach), and if you can fold your pillow in half and it doesn’t spring back, you need new ones.  Two pillows with covers that match your sheets, topped by two pillows that match your duvet is simple yet adds a little depth to the bed.  One more layer of simple textural pillows in a different shape also looks great without adding too much fluff.

5. Throw

A throw is the perfect piece to add a little more texture or to introduce a subtle pattern to the bed.  Fold it up at the foot of the bed, or simply toss it on for an effortlessly cozy feel.

HÖNSBÄR Comforter from IKEA // Linen Duvet Set from H&M // GÄSPA Sheet Set from IKEA // Geo Jacquard Throw from West Elm

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5 Pieces For A Relaxed Bed

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