How To Mix Patterns

How To Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns can be a little daunting with the variety of prints and colors that are available, so here are 4 tips to make the process a little easier.


Keep all of your patterns within the same color palette, but don't be afraid to try different tints and shades to keep your space from looking overly color coordinated.  (Learn about tints, shades, and other color properties in my Complete Guide To Color.)


Mix large and small scale patterns to create balance, and be aware of how you are using them.  Large scale patterns look best on large pieces like furniture, curtains, and rugs.  Small scale patterns should be saved for smaller pieces like throw pillows and accessories.


To create contrast try mixing pattern types like florals with plaid, ikat with polka dots, or brush strokes with geometrics.


Vary pattern density to give a little visual breathing room.  An overly busy pattern will benefit from being paired with a simpler pattern with more negative space.

For future reference pin this handy infographic to guide you on your next pattern hunt.

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How To Mix Pattern

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How To Mix Patterns

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