December 04, 2013

Christmas Tree Alternatives


Christmas Tree AlternativesThis Christmas I am decorating a little differently than I usually do.  For one, I have no room for a tree in our new apartment so the husband and I had to get creative with what we were going to do.  After contemplating hanging our tree from the ceiling to keep the floorspace open (see what I'm talking about here) I decided on creating a 2D version to hang on the wall.  It's still in the works but I will post the finished product soon.  In the mean time, take a peak at a few Christmas tree alternatives that inspired me.

1.  Take a photo of a christmas tree and have it printed as an engineering print at Staples for less than $5!  Tape it up with some festive washi tape and you're done. (image source)

2.  Cut a triangle out of plywood to create a simple tree shape.  Then attach cord for holding cards.  Using small nails to hang ornaments would work, too! (Image and DIY source)

3.  Paint a wall or piece of wood with chalkboard paint and draw your own tree.  Use small nails to hang ornaments from your tree.  (image source)

4.  Instead of cutting down a tree and throwing it a way after christmas, decorate a potted tree.  After the holidays you can plant it in your back yard. (image source)

5.  Instead of cutting down an entire tree just cut off few branches and place them in a vase.  Decorate with lights and ornaments like you would with the whole tree.  (image source)

Are you putting up an alternative Christmas tree this year?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  


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