Home Office Necessities

Home Office NecessitiesA pinched nerve (or some unknown painful thing) in my neck has left me determined to create a more ergonomically correct office space for myself that doesn't involve me hunching over my laptop at my kitchen table.  So, I've started gathering a list of items I think will make my computer hours much more comfortable and productive.  Here are my recent favorite home office necessities that will ease your body and mind!

1. Plants are a must have for any home or workspace.  They bring color to your desk and instantly cheer up your space.  Fill this Geometric Terrarium from Jechory Glass Designs with a few easy to care for air plants to bring a hint of the outdoors to your desk.

2. I'm loving this Notice Board from West Elm.  It's an easy way to organize important papers or to display your favorite inspiration images.  Get the same look by just hanging three clipboards side by side above your desk.

3.  I absolutely must have this Puzzle Laptop Stand from Green Tuna Design.  First, its made of bamboo which is way prettier than the gray laptop stands I usually see.  Second, it not only holds your laptop when you are using it, but it can then hold it on its side when you want to stow it away, or the stand fits together and lays flat if you want to store it away completely.  Third, and probably more important than the first two, it will bring my laptop up to my eye level so I can stop hunching over my desk.  Score!

4. I love this Codify Pencil Holder from Anthropologie because of it's metallic color, and the varying cup sizes which are perfect for holding anything from pens to paper clips.  Don't want to spend $50 on a pencil holder?  Try tweaking this Bookend DIY by using different sized PVC and mounting it to a board.  

5. You can never have too many scissors, especially when they look like these gold Nate Berkus Shears from Target.

6. Rifle Paper puts a fun twist on the iconic yellow Legal Pad, and it will definitely make my obsessive note taking more fun.

7. Finally, a must have in any office is a comfortable, adjustable chair that looks good, too, and this Coup Office Chair from CB2 hits the mark.


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