Original Decor: Our Living Room

Modern Living RoomIt's been crazy busy over here for the past couple weeks with wedding planning and our recent news that we will be moving two weeks before our wedding...yikes. So, I haven't had much spare time to keep up on the blog.  But lucky for me a new apartment means a new design, and the fact that our 89" long sofa doesn't fit in most tiny bay area apartments has helped that along.  Here's what I've been thinking for our new space working with what we already have, and a few additions we would like to make.

1. Artwork - have - Homegoods
2 & 3. Pillows - have - West Elm
4. Sunset Throw - want - West Elm
5. Eames Molded Plastic Armchairs ( HA! I wish - knockoffs) - Just ordered - Overstock
6. EXPEDIT Bookshelf - have - IKEA
7. Pebble Rug - have - Target
8. Moody Table ( or vintage mid cent coffee table) - want - Thrive
9. Paidge Sofa - Just ordered - West Elm

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