4 Unique Blank Wall Solutions

Oversized Lighting Wall Decor

Sometimes when you have a blank wall to fill you can get stuck thinking of obvious solutions like artwork, mirrors, or shelving.  Here are 4 unique ways to add variety to your space and bring interest to a blank wall.

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Oversized lighting adds texture and depth to a wall, or hang a cluster of small lights to get the same effect.

Plants as Wall Decor


Whether it's a large plant on the floor, or a grouping of small hanging plants, both bring color, texture, and life to a blank wall.

Rug as Wall Decor


You don't have to go to this extreme to get the same effect.  Even a smaller 2x3' lightweight woven rug will do the trick.

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Ladder as Wall Decor


Ladders draw your eye up and create depth.  Leave it bare or add books, magazines, plants, or textiles for added interest.

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