How To Brighten A Dark Room

Light Filled Dining Area

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Lighting can really make or break a space.  Flood a tasteless room with sunlight from a wall of floor-to-ceiling, south facing windows and you can almost mask bad design with the pure joy that much natural light brings, almost.  But if you are stuck with northern exposure, a lack of windows, or need to cheer up a dreary basement don't fear, there are plenty of things you can do to brighten up a dark space, and give an illusion of light. 

Clean Your Windows

Clean your windows, both inside and out, to allow as much natural light as possible to stream through.  This is something I always forget to do and it makes such a difference.

Replace Dark Drapes

Although I love a wall of charcoal drapes, when you are trying to harness every ray of sunlight entering your windows it isn't the best choice.  Swap out dark window panels for bright white sheers to allow more sunlight to enter your home, or get rid of the window treatments altogether. 

Organic Modern Living RoomImage via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Evoke a Feeling

Trick your brain with the illusion of brightness by decorating your walls with bright, sunny, landscape photography, surrounded by a crisp white mat and frame.  Even better, choose your own photography from a trip to the beach so you can be reminded of the warmth you felt on that sunny day.

Bright White StylingImage via Eve Wilson

Utilize Artificial Light

Brighten up dark corners with floor lamps, table lamps, scones, and pendants.  Choose fixtures with metallic finishes to reflect even more light, and fill your lamps with daylight bulbs to mimic the color of natural light.

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Bright White EntrywayImage via Weekday Carnival


Hang mirrors throughout your space to bounce both natural and artificial light around the room.

Bright White Boho Living RoomImage via Amber Interior Design

Go White

Choose white or light colors for furnishings, accessories and wall colors.  Light colors take up less visual space creating an open feel, and help to reflect light throughout the room.

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Do you have any more tips on brightening up a dark space?  Share in the comments!

How To Brighten A Dark Room

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