How To Take Care Of Artwork

How To Take Care Of ArtworkWhen you find artwork you love, whether it is an original painting or a print, you want to make sure you are displaying it in a way that will allow it to look its best for years to come.  The type of framing you choose, the materials that are used, and where you display your artwork all affect the lifespan of your print.  Here are a few tips on displaying your artwork in the best way to increase its longevity.  


After you purchase an art print from my shop it will arrive packaged in a protective, acid-free sleeve, sandwiched flat between two pieces of cardboard, and placed in a rigid mailer or box.  I recommend leaving your art print in this protective packaging so it doesn't get damaged as it is waiting to be framed.


There are a few different ways to frame an art print - float mounting, framing without a mat, and framing with a mat - and the method you choose all depends on the style of your artwork and your own personal preference.  I think my artwork is complemented well with a simple white mat and frame, allowing the bold colors and graphic patterns to shine.  A float mount is also a great way to add depth to a simple print.  

Not sure which framing method is right for your print?  This article explains the differences and when they are appropriate.


Once you decide on a method, make sure the framing materials used are of archival quality.  Acid-free mat boards, adhesives, and backing board are best as acid will deteriorate papers and fade pigments.  As for the glazing, acrylic is lightweight and shatterproof making it a great option, but glass can also be used, and UV-treated glazing will keep sunlight from fading your artwork. 


After your art print is framed and looking good, it's time to display it in safe spot that will cause the least amount of damage.  Hang your artwork on an interior wall away from heat and humidity, and out of direct sunlight, all of which will damage the paper and fade the ink.  

Need some art wall inspiration?  Check out my post on unexpected ways to arrange wall art.

How To Take Care Of Artwork

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